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The Anvil Artisan Toolset allows you to stop worrying about oversized keycap models, air bubbles in your caps and stems or how your gonna make good registration marks for your molds.  With the Anvil Base Plate you can use the same methodology as the L2K to build a mold box with legos for perfect registration marks.  The Anvil Keycap is made to be slightly smaller than a real keycap to allow you to build up you model without worrying if your going over the edge too much.  And with the Anvil Crux you can build perfect top molds that allow for air passage ways to let air escape when you cast your mold so you don't get air bubbles in your caps and stems.

Whether you are a beginner or a long time artisan we have options that will fit your price range and skillset.

Option one is made with high quality plastic so it is cost effective compared to other alternatives that can range from $100 - $165.

Option two is made from steel and will stand the test of time indefinitely.  If your a hardcore artisan that is going to be building a lot of keys and making a lot of molds this options might be better for you.